MC Fats ‘624’ EP

June 23rd, 2016  |  Posted by Bailey Intabeats  |  Filed under Audio,News

Legendary Drum & Bass/Jungle vocalist MC Singing Fats latest EP is due to hit all good digital outlets on August 1st 2016. It’s candidly named the ‘624’ EP due to Fats’ sense of humour relating to the part loss of both his legs because of diabetes. As stated during a live recording of him performing at the Sun And Bass Festival in 2015, “I was 6 foot, I lost 2 foot and now I’m 4 foot”. The EP features collaborations between MC Fats and Squarewave, MC D.R.S, Philth, Brother, Mini M, Alibi and Serum to be released of Fats’ own U Understand Me Music record label. Check out clips below.

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Bailey on Mi Soul Radio 13-04-16

April 15th, 2016  |  Posted by Bailey Intabeats  |  Filed under Audio

Track list:
Heist – Violent Rain (Metalheadz)
Spirit – Provider (Rupture)
Digital – Steady Eddie
Bailey – Artistic Player
KAI – Forgive (Faded)
Surplus and Subdivision – Alpha (Celcius)
Cruk – Sugra (Skank And Bass)
Philth & Wreckless – The Circle (Dispatch)
Leaf – Dis Style (Smokin’ Riddims)
D-Livin’ – Why (Remix)
Vibes & Wishdokta – Freeaneazy (Remix)
Q Project – Champion Sound (DLR 2016 Remix)
Frontline Syndicate – Dreams (Drum & Bass)
Heist feat. Hannah Collins – Never Enough (Co-Lab)
Bailey & MC Fats – For The Love (Bailey Special)
Phase 2 – Glissando (Sheer Velocity)
Threshold – Don’t Ask Me Why (Skeleton)
Calibre – Under Bars (CIA)
Synx – Hollow Point (Rogue Beatz)
Fierce & Zero T – Scatter
John B – The Colossus (Metalheadz)
Emperor (feat Fats) – Thunder
Dub-One – What Goes Around

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Bailey on Mi Soul Radio 23-03-16

March 25th, 2016  |  Posted by Bailey Intabeats  |  Filed under Audio

Track list:
Surplus and Subdivision – Alpha (Celcius Recordings)
Digital – Lightworks (feat. Klute) (Function)
Serum – Blood Red (31 Records)
SpectraSoul – 4URGH (Ish Chat Music)
Fierce & Zero T – Scatter
Leaf – Dis Style (Smokin’ Riddims)
Chromatic – Lung VIP (Innerground Records)
Spirit – Provider (Rupture London)
Digital – Steady Eddie
Nomine – Blind Man (Om Unit Remix) (Tempa)

Back To 1994 Mix
Aquarius – Dolphin Tune (Good Looking Records)
Frontline Syndikate – Dreams (Drum & Bass Records)
Potential Bad Boy & Chatter B – Vibes (4th World Order)
Noise Factory – Can You Feel The Rush (The Power Mix) (Kemet)
Photek – First Sequence (Photek)
Mastersafe – Rolling With The Punches (Formation Records)

Bungle – Enclosure (Soul Trader Records)
Phase 2 – Thoughts (Intrigue Music)

Lily Alllen – Smile (EMI)
Shirley Bassey – Light My Fire (United Artists Records)
Un-cut – Midnight (WEA)

Bailey feat. Tali – Stargazing
Emperor feat Fats – Thunder
Fierce & Zero T – Always Something
Hive – The Definition (Violence Recordings)
Intelligent Manners & Command Strange – Frontline (Innerground)
The Invaderz – Gruisin
Redeyes & Dave Owen – So Fly
Dub-One – The Great Ship

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Bailey Joins Clinic Talent

March 17th, 2016  |  Posted by Bailey Intabeats  |  Filed under News

clinictalent.com/baileyOfficially announced today, I am now an artist on the Clinic Talent agency. It’s the UK booking agency also responsible for artists such as Makoto, Need For Mirrors, Anile, Bcee and others. Needless to say that I’m excitied about working with them and I look forward to what’s ahead.

For bookings, head to clinictalent.com/bailey or email chrism@clinictalent.com

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R.I.P DJ Derek

March 12th, 2016  |  Posted by Bailey Intabeats  |  Filed under News

Many years ago on a night’s work DJing, I walked into Club 333 in London to play a set. I proceeded down a dark, narrow staircase to the room I was playing in. The thud of Reggae basslines pummelled my ear drums as I descended. I turned a corner and as the DJ stand came into sight I noticed a white, elderly gentleman sporting a shirt, tie and waistcoat behind the decks. He was holding a 1970’s microphone. Analysing the DJ equipment for my set as I approached, I saw two minidisk players resting on the turntable platters. Surely this man wasn’t the source of this reggae music! No sooner had I thought that then did he put the microphone to his mouth and started chanting to the crowd in patois I only usually hear from my family. This man WAS the DJ AND… he was killing it! It totally blew my mind. I played my set after him and left the venue romanced by the deep influence Reggae and black music as a whole has had on the world.

A year or so later I stumbled across a documentary on TV about a white ex accountant for Cadbury’s who one day decided to change his life and follow his passion of reggae, soul and blues music. I caught it halfway through but whilst watching noticed that the main character was the same elderly gentleman I came across at Club 333. He was called DJ Derek. The documentary spilled the details of his musical influence and deep involvement in the Bristol community. I was in awe.

The documentary is called DJ Derek’s “Sweet Memory Sounds”.

A few years later on the way home from a DJ gig, I couldn’t believe it when I spotted Derek on the same train platform as me. I had a little chat with him expressing my encounter with him in the past. We also talked about him retiring as a DJ for the second time. He told me he attempted to retire before when his bookings went through the roof, he couldn’t say no to the demand. I felt privileged that he’d taken time out to talk to me even posing for a photo (pictured above). He was a natural, sweet and unassuming man.

DJ Derek is an inspiration to all who pursue their dreams. You’re never too old, young, white, black or anything else to make it.

Rest in peace.

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