A Sides and Bailey at Sun And Bass 2015

September 30th, 2015  |  Posted by Bailey Intabeats  |  Filed under Audio

A day before and after the Sun And Bass Festival in Sardinia, A Sides and I host an (unofficial) pre party at La Posta, a small bar in San Teodoro town centre. With these get togethers what usually starts as a calm drink normally ends as a full on party ending in Rave classics such as ‘Your Love’ by the Prodigy. It’s always hella fun!

Here’s a live recording of the final night with A Sides and I back2back throwing down some of our favourites and anthems from Rock to House music.

Massive thanks to Jeru The Damaja and Makoto who deejayed as special guests this year.

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Free Download: I Love 90’s Rave and Jungle Mix

August 7th, 2015  |  Posted by Bailey Intabeats  |  Filed under Audio

Recently I did a personal mix featuring some my favorite tracks between the years 1987 and 1998. The entire mix in total ended up being three hours long. Originally entitled ‘Selfish Selection (1987-1998)’ I felt the mixing on this personal selection wasn’t that great but I sent the full version out to a few close friends stating that this was the case and that it was about memories more than anything else. Besides, I made it for me and I just wanted to hear the tunes I loved during these times on one mix. I put part of mix on the other day and had the best ‘one man rave’ I’ve had in years! It took me back to the days of not being able to help mixing and raving for hours on end in my box room bedroom at my mum’s house in the early 90’s. I’ll never forget the confused look on my mum’s face when she caught me dancing my ass off to Big Fun by Inner City in the doorway to my room one day!

Below you’ll find a download link, Mixcloud recording and track list taken from my favourite section of the mix (with better mixing too). It’s just under 72 minutes long (perfect for CD) and 25 tracks deep. It highlights some of my most loved tracks from 1991, 1992 and 1993. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Track list:

01.  Noise Factory – Imperative (Ibiza Records)
02.  Ragga Twins – 18” Speaker (Shut Up And Dance Records)
03.  The Art Of Noise – Instruments Of Darkness (All Of Us Are One People) (The Prodigy Mix) (China Records)
04.  Simon “Bassline” Smith – Untitled [D Day Vol. 2]
05.  Project One – It’s Driving Me (Rising High Records)
06.  3 Thieves & A Liar – You Bring Me Joy (3 Thieves & A Liar)
07.  Urban Shakedown – Assassinator (Urban Shakedown)
08.  Double T & Mister E – Pull A Fast One (Break The Limits)
09.  Chris Energy – Running (HNR Records)
10.  C.M.C. & DJ Jinks – To Night (Limited E Edition)
11.  L.V. Cleef – Me Ah Bad Man (The Living Dream)
12.  Tonic – New Stylee (The Living Dream)
13.  Code 071 & M.A.D. – A London Sumtin’ (Remix) (Reinforced Records)
14.  Noise Factory – Need A Release (Entity Records)
15.  Hyper On Experience – The Frightner (Moving Shadow)
16.  Younghead – Bad Bad Man (4 Hero Remix) (Reinforced Records)
17.  DJ (Ravemaster) Vibes & Wishokta – Freeaneazy (Asylum Music Inc)
18.  Delirium – Days Of Our Lives (Tek 9 Remix) (Rolling Mix)
19.  Younghead – Creatures Of The Light (Reinforced Records)
20.  Underground Software – He’s Gone (Reinforced (Records)
21.  Jim Polo & Neil Vass – Underground Feelin (Pascal & Sponge Remix Part 2) (Face Records)
22.  Beyond The Future – Warped Science (Paradise Records)
23.  Windmill – Divine Inspiration (Legend Records)
24.  DJ Mayhem – Inesse (Face Records)
25.  Future Sound Of Hardcore – Euphoria (Dee Jay Recordings)


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Mi-Soul Radio with Jumpin Jack Frost

July 31st, 2015  |  Posted by Bailey Intabeats  |  Filed under Audio

Do you remember the UK’s legendary Kiss FM radio station when it was still underground?? It was co-founded by Gordon Mac but sold on many years later and has since become a commercial entity. The good news is after a long break Gordon Mac has decided to start a new station called Mi-Soul which once again services the core of underground Soul, R&B, Hip-Hop, House, Drum & Bass and many other styles. Representing Drum & Bass Wednesdays on this station you will find the mighty Jumpin Jack Frost throwing down his weekly selection of fresh cuts. I was invited on his show to do a mix  as part of the promotion for the Liquid V ‘Summer Vibes Drum & Bass’ album (that I have a track on). Needless to say with Frost’s light heart approach to presentation it turned into quite a comical show as we casually bantered our way through two hours of great music. Catch my mix and the whole show again below if you missed it.

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90’s Jungle Music at the Movies

July 30th, 2015  |  Posted by Bailey Intabeats  |  Filed under Video

How well do you know your old school Jungle samples? As part of #throwbackthursday posts on my social media pages I decided to educated people on some of the most classic Jungle music samples taken from films. Tracks such as Hitman by Marvellous Cain, Scottie by Subnation and Johnny by Johnny Jungle sampled some of my favorite films of old. Head on over to my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages, find the clips and see if you can figure out what films they are.

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Goldie and Heritage Orchestra

July 24th, 2015  |  Posted by Bailey Intabeats  |  Filed under News

Well, lucky me! I acquired tickets to check out a Goldie and Heritage Orchestra live performance of Goldie’s landmark album called Timeless at London’s prestigious Royal Festival Hall. Though the original album was recorded in 1995, to this day it hasn’t lost the potency of it’s sonic portrayal of life in London from highs to lows using complex programmed breakbeats, dub basslines and techno influences. Goldie (now an official composer of classical music) took the album to incredible new heights with this performance. Never have I seen so much joy and sorrow during a single show with adaptations of ‘Adrift‘ elegantly sung live by Cleveland Watkiss literally bringing people to tears to the rampant sounds of ‘Saint Angel‘ that transformed the noble festival hall into a full on rave. At times some of the drums were so complex that it took two drummers and a percussionist playing at once to replicate the original music. I doubt very much that any of the ushers or staff working that night had seen anything like it and neither had I or the fans who’d bought the original album twenty years ago. One thing definitely apparent is the passion with which these and many other Drum & Bass tracks were written. They will always have everlasting quality, something I’m sure the entire Drum & Bass community will be proud of and something they always knew.

Do yourself a favour and check out this performance out live to absorb it in it’s fullness if it comes to your city. The video’s online nowhere near do it justice.

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