The Intabeats Podcast 004

January 29th, 2016  |  Posted by Bailey Intabeats  |  Filed under Audio

Catch this months Intabeats podcast featuring new music from Mikal, Fierce & Zero T, Mr Explicit, Dub-One and more plus a special pre Valentines mix.

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Track list:
Mikal – Musical Rush (feat. Break) (Metalheadz)
Survey – Waves (Flexout Audio)
Fierce & Zero T – Going Clear (Quarantine)
Alibi – Hideaway
Hive – The Definition (Violence Recordings)
Codename John – Sunshine State
Crix & MC Fats – Colour Of The Sound (Bailey Remix)
Dillinja – Mutha+ucka (Mr Explicit Remix)

Bailey Pre Valetines Mix
Funk N Flex – Walk By Faith (Defunked)
Total Science – Tight Fit (Metalheadz)
Nu:Tone – Breathless (Hospital Records)
Dushi – Carefree (Worldwide Audio Recordings)
ATP – Shibuya Nights (Bassdrive Tunes)
Calibre – Second Sun (Signature Records)

Dub-One – The Great Ship
Mr Sensi & Tim Reaper – Strictly Ragga

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The Intabeats Podcast 003

December 28th, 2015  |  Posted by Bailey Intabeats  |  Filed under Audio

Podcast 003 is upon us. Having previously not worked out exactly when I’ll publish each episode it seems the 28th of each month has become the pattern. Therefore this will be the date I’ll try to stick to from now on. It’s official, The Intabeats Podcast gets released on the 28th of every month. Don’t forget to let your pals know (or just be cruel and let them miss out on fresh previews of Drum & Bass).

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Track list:
Zero T & Bailey – Wasp Factory (Fierce Re-Print)
LJ High – Pheonix
Need For Mirrors – Blue Nude (Digital Soundboy Recording Co.)
Digital & Spirit & Need For Mirrors – Cosmic Dub (Amen Mix)
T Power – The Mutant Remix – Rollers Instinct (Remix By DJ Trace) (SOUR)
Boogie Times Tribe – The Dark Stranger (Serum Refix)
TC – Quick Jungle
DRS feat. LSB & Tyler Daley – The View (Calibre Remix) (Soul:r)
Redeyes & Dave Owen – So Fly
Bailey & MC Fats – For The Love VIP II (Bailey Special)
The Invaderz – Gruisin (Soul:r)
MC Fats – Rolling Day (Philth Remix) (U Understand Me Music)
Philth – Yeti
Dub-One – Butcherizm

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Chris Inperspective In The Mix For Intabeats on Ministry of Sound Radio (video)

December 3rd, 2015  |  Posted by Bailey Intabeats  |  Filed under Video

A classic from the Intabeats video vault. Recorded December 12th 2013, Chris Inperspective goes nuts sonically and physically during his live set on my previous Ministry of Sound Radio show. Expect to hear a side of Drum & Bass you may not know still exists harping back to the original days when the breakbeat in D&B was king. Here Chris gives you a taste of is how it’s done in the new millennium taking sampled drums to new experimental heights.

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The Intabeats Podcast 002

November 27th, 2015  |  Posted by Bailey Intabeats  |  Filed under Audio

Welcome to the second episode of the Intabeats Podcast featuring Bailey. You’re about to hear some of my freshest and favourite beats in my current possession. No animals or people were harmed during the making of this podcast, however one 700 watt power amplifier blew up (true story).

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Track list:
HLZ – Theia (Integral)
Stealth – Desert Storm (Program)
Facing Jinx feat. Alexsia Louca – Now You’re Gone (Break Remix) (Fokuz)
?? – Blood Red
Paul T & Edward Oberon – Surrender (V Records)
The Fix – Talk To Dem
Breakage – Kill Dem (Digital Soundboy)
Moresounds – What A Party (Cosmic Bridge)
Seba – As Long As It Takes (Secret Operations)
Bailey – Stargazing (feat. Tali) (Liquid V)
Drumagick – Brazilian DnB feat. Joao Sobral (Extended Vocal Mix)
The Invaderz – Be Around
Phace & Noisia – Drawback (Critical Music)
Manix – The Rain feat. Diane (Reinforced)




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Bailey and Jenna G at Sun And Bass 2015

November 5th, 2015  |  Posted by Bailey Intabeats  |  Filed under Uncategorized

I was given the pleasure of curating an arena on the opening night of the Sun And Bass Festival 2015 in Sardinia. For the line up I selected DJ’s and MC’s I thought could bring the crowd a diverse mixture of quality beats across the D&B genre. My chosen selectors on the turntables were Phil Tangent, Patife, Krust, Grooverider, myself alongside Jenna G and K-Eye hosting on the mic. The vibe was the usual awesomeness I experience at Sun And Bass every year which made me really proud to be part of it all.

If you fancy a look at photos from the night take a look HERE courtesy of Apps Photography.

Here’s a live recording of mine and Jenna G’s set on the night.

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