Sencity – A rave for the deaf and hearing

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I hadn’t heard of Sencity until I got an email from Utah Jazz asking me to play at their event in October 2014 but they’ve been running for over a decade now. Sencity brings together a new approach when throwing big parties. Firstly, a high percentage of the revelers on this particular night were deaf if not hard of hearing. However this didn’t mean the party was exclusive to this audience. All are welcome. Also, not only were there your normal DJ’s (in this case myself (Bailey), Utah Jazz, Furney, Bryan Gee, Grooverider, BCee and more…) but there was an ‘Aroma DJ’. What an Aroma DJ does is create different smells to match the mood of each tune. They use large fans to blow these scents onto the dancefloor. A strange concept for sure but the venue did smell lovely all night. Add to all this a vibrating dance floor, burlesque dancers, angle grinder girls, fire shows, live video jockey show, lighting specialist (flown in from Hong Kong) and a professional concert grade sound system and what you get is an all new experience, something I and some of the others of the DJ’s gazed at gobsmacked from the wings. Would I do this event again…? I most certainly would! If you’re open minded and  fancy trying an off the wall party, I definitely recommend you try Sencity. Below are a few shot I captured on the night and there are more pictures courtesy of Sencity on their facebook page here.

Sencity, London

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