Therapy Sessions, Porto, Portugal 01.11.14

Theory goes in super hard with D&B. This night remained packed right up until close at 9am.

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Sencity, Oval Space, London. 24.10.14

A party tailor made for the hard of hearing and deaf.

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Sun And Bass Festival 2014, Sardinia, Italy. 06.09.14 – 13.09.14

Another great year at my favourite festival.

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SunandBass London – The Meet Up. 29.08.14

An event that doubled as a fundraiser for MC Fats who had two legs amputated due to diabetes.

Main post here

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Crissy Criss’ Last Show on BBC Radio 1Xtra. 27.08.14

Crissy’s last show after 10 years of broadcasting on the BBC. Big names from the D&B scene pass through.

Full review here

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Let It Roll Festival, Benesov, Czech Republic. 01.08.14

The planets biggest annual all Drum & Bass festival with 2 days, 12 arena’s, 150+ acts and 15,000+ visitors per day. Full review here

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Metalheadz History Sessions, Fire, London. 21.02.14

It was everything you’d thought it would be. Packed out and tune after, tune after, tune.

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Fizzy Beats, Jamm, London. 05.10.13

A change of venue for the Fizzy crew heading to Brixton with a big line up. Superb night for everyone.

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Sun And Bass Festival 2013, Sardinia, Italy – The 10th Anniversary.

“It runs for a week but the vibes lasts forever. It is Drum & Bass Heaven” – Brian Belle-Fortune

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Ministry of Sound Radio Live From Sun And Bass, Sardinia, Italy 2013

Three shows broadcasting live for six hours featuring Bailey, Bryan Gee, Fabio and Grooverider.

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More pictures from Ministry of Sound Radio Live From Sun And Bass, Sardinia, Italy 2013

Big thanks to Sasha Lotus for these amazing pictures  [AFG_gallery id=’53’]


Brighton Loves Jungle, Concorde 2, Brighton. 31.08.13

An old school night catering for a new generation of Junglists. Very enjoyable.

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Shut That Shit Down, Rhythm Factory, London. 02.08.13

I must say…, this was one of best D&B night’s in a long time in terms of quality music selection.

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Juicy Beats Festival, Dortmund, Germany. 27.07.13

1 day, 14 stages, 40,000 people and good times all round

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Bailey: Intabeats Drum & Bass Show Launch, Ministry of Sound Radio, London. 21.05.13

For the launch of my new Drum & Bass Show on Ministry of Sound Radio, I invited special guests in to celebrate a new beginning and my birthday. I broadcasted LIVE from the legendary main DJ booth of Ministry of Sound club. It was a special moment for me with the MoS sound system, birthday cake, drinks and vibes in full effect

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RUN MK D&B Festival @ Dom Na Mladi, Stip, Macedonia. 13.04.13

When my agent told me I was deejaying at a youth centre I was seriously expecting something resembling at scout hut but it was nothing like that at all. If this is what Macedonian youth centres are like, their actual clubs must be insane! What a great night.

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15 Years Of Virus @ Cable, London. 08.03.13

A landmark night and MASSIVE celebration for Virus and Cable. Tickets sold so hot that they had to open an extra room. I’ve played at Cable a lot of times and this this is the most packed I’ve ever seen it. Big respect Optical and Ed Rush

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Div’s Kilamandemjaro Valentine Charity Bash, East Village, London. 14.02.13

Fantastic mixed line up of DJ’s that could only have been put together by our dearest Divyesh who managed to raise £690 for his charities.

I heard some seriously good beats this night. Unfortunately I left my usual camera at home but managed to catch a few on my mobile. Apologies for the quality

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Jungle Syndicate 4th Birthday @ The Black Swan, Bristol. 09.02.13

This was about as deep in trenches of Drum & Bass you can get. Proper headstrong night for the heads.

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Shut That Shit Down @ Rhythm Factory, London. 01.02.13

Such a great night with a great variety of Drum & Bass and a line to be rivalled

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Eat Your Greens @ The Kazimier, Liverpool. 26.01.13

I played a full on old school ragga jungle set. Wish I’d videoed it. It was a sick night!

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Critical at Playaz, Fabric, London. 18.01.13

Randall and I went back2back playing old skool for the last set. gotta big up Ronnie Herel who came with me for a D&B experience

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Planet V, Cable, London. 29.12.12

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Zoo L’Usine, Geneva, Switzerland. 14.12.12

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Fizzy Liquid, Rhythm Factory, London. 07.12.12

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Drum & Bass Arena Awards, London. 06.12.12

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Metalheadz Xmas Podcast. 2012

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Bukem In Session, Fabric, London. 30.11.12

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City Flow, Antwerp, Belgium, November. 2012

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Feelings, Ludwigshafen, Germany. October 2012

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Bailey Presents…, Croydon. September 2012

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Sunandbass 2012, Sardinia, Italy. September 2012

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My Final BBC 1Xtra D&B Show. 29th September 2012

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A Bunch Of Cuts Warehouse Party. London, August 2012

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Playaz Carnival Special, London, August 2012

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Street Bass Festival, Zurich, Switzerland, August 2012 

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Drum & Bass Arena Summer Selection BBQ, London, July 2012

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Innovation In The Sun, Spain, June 2012

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Cartmel Extrav, Lancaster University, June 2012

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Echo Festival, Croatia, June 2012

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Metalheadz History Session, Star Warz, Belgium, June 2012

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Bailey Presents… Bank Holiday Jungle, Croydon, May 2012

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A Bunch Of Cuts Warehouse Party, London, April 2012

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Swerve Saturday Session, London, March 2012

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RAMiami 20th Anniversary Party, Miami 2012

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Sennheiser Webcast, Adidas Store, Miami 2012

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Tech:nology 7th Birthday, London, February 2012

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Metalheadz Christmas Podcast, Headzville, December 2011

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20 Years Of Kool, London, December 2011

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Bad Man Ting, Manchester, December 2011

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Innovation In The Dam, Amsterdam, November 2011

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Metalheadz History Sessions, London, November 2011

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Red Bull Revolutions in Sound, London, October 2011

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Japanese Tour, November 2011

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Hospitality, O2 Academy, London, October 2011

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Sun and Bass, Sardinia 2011

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Illegal Rave In The Woods With A Guy Called Gerald, Berlin, August 2011

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1Xtra D&B Show Past Guests

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Bailey Flyers Worldwide

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