Sencity – A rave for the deaf and hearing

November 3rd, 2014  |  Posted by Bailey Intabeats  |  Filed under Events,Pictures

I hadn’t heard of Sencity until I got an email from Utah Jazz asking me to play at their event in October 2014 but they’ve been running for over a decade now. Sencity brings together a new approach when throwing big parties. Firstly, a high percentage of the revelers on this particular night were deaf if not hard of hearing. However this didn’t mean the party was exclusive to this audience. All are welcome. Also, not only were there your normal DJ’s (in this case myself (Bailey), Utah Jazz, Furney, Bryan Gee, Grooverider, BCee and more…) but there was an ‘Aroma DJ’. What an Aroma DJ does is create different smells to match the mood of each tune. They use large fans to blow these scents onto the dancefloor. A strange concept for sure but the venue did smell lovely all night. Add to all this a vibrating dance floor, burlesque dancers, angle grinder girls, fire shows, live video jockey show, lighting specialist (flown in from Hong Kong) and a professional concert grade sound system and what you get is an all new experience, something I and some of the others of the DJ’s gazed at gobsmacked from the wings. Would I do this event again…? I most certainly would! If you’re open minded and  fancy trying an off the wall party, I definitely recommend you try Sencity. Below are a few shot I captured on the night and there are more pictures courtesy of Sencity on their facebook page here.

Sencity, London

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Bailey Radio Show Archive

October 23rd, 2014  |  Posted by Bailey Intabeats  |  Filed under Audio

I’ve finally got round to uploading my personal archive of radio shows I’ve done on BBC Radio 1Xtra, BBC Radio 1 and Ministry of Sound Radio. Here you’ll find some of your favourite past shows featuring guest mixes, interviews and features from some of the biggest names ever to be involved in Drum & Bass. The archive dates back as far as the year 2006 and even though I don’t have every single show, there’s a hell of a lot there. Head over to my radio page to download and relive these memories again by clicking here.

Bailey Radio Show Collage

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Farewell Ministry Of Sound Radio

September 25th, 2014  |  Posted by Bailey Intabeats  |  Filed under News

It is with regret that I no longer have the opportunity of presenting INTABEATS to you on Ministry Of Sound Radio. Over the last 16 months it has been a privilege to have the chance to showcase the music I love and some of the artists and producers I rate to a large and ever expanding global audience.

MoS have made a decision to explore other musical avenues and although I am of course disappointed I am also excited by what lies ahead.

INTABEATS will continue, with details to follow shortly but I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone, particularly the listeners, who have supported the movement. I’d also like to extend special thanks to Bryan Gee, Fabio, Grooverider, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, DJ Marky, Ant TC1, Steve O’Connor, Lloyd Spring and Nathan Goodman for their hard work. In a short space of time I feel we have collectively achieved a lot for Drum & Bass on such a recognised outlet. I look forward to welcoming all the music fans to our new venture where we will continue to give a platform to the musicians, artists and producers who keep our scene so alive across the world.


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SunandBass London – The Meet Up

August 30th, 2014  |  Posted by Bailey Intabeats  |  Filed under Events,Pictures

A week before the Sunandbass festival in Sardinia, they joined forces with InnerSoul and the U Understand Me Music family for a intimate fundraiser for MC Fats. As you can imagine from the line up below, it was a non-stop flow of quality music from beginning to end. I have a sneaky feeling some of the sets were recorded. Let’s wait and see. In the mean time, have a look below at a few pictures I captured on the night.

SUNandBASS.j Meet Up, Plan B, London 29.08.14pg

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Crissy Criss’ Last Show on BBC Radio 1Xtra

August 28th, 2014  |  Posted by Bailey Intabeats  |  Filed under Pictures

I headed to BBC Broadcasting House in Central London to show support for Crissy Criss on his last show after 10 years of presenting on 1Xtra. In a way I felt I owed it to him. When I left 1Xtra almost two years before, Crissy remained supportive of what I do calling out on air how much he missed his former radio partner in crime and even inviting me to do a guest mix on his show a just few months after I’d left. Quite a noble thing as normal practice for most presenters would’ve been not to mention anyone who had left, treating their names like a dirty word. Naturally, plenty of faces from the Drum & Bass fraternity felt the same about Crissy’s devotion and showed up to wish him well for the future.  You could hear the emotion in his voice as he gave his final and long list of out shout outs at the end and why not. Ten years of baring your musical soul to the public is no small thing.

The question everyone is asking now is “What’s he gonna do now?”. Well.., it’s a fair question but also a dumb one. Crissy was a DJ before 1Xtra and will always be after. Leaving the BBC doesn’t meant that all of a sudden stops. Having asked him myself, he told me he wants to spend more time in the studio producing music, so expect to see plenty of new material from Crissy in your stores soon.

On behalf of the fans who have listened to Crissy Criss on 1Xtra for the last decade, thank you Crissy. You more than did your duty for Drum & Bass, the music we love so much. We look forward to what you have in store for us in the near future.

Below are some pictures I took during the final show.

2014-08-28 12.02.31

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